Tuesday, October 29, 2013

~ Giveaway Time ~

               Its that time again !! I'm going to host my last big giveaway of the year t!
              This time I am going to giveaway a Kitchen Aid Mixer this is my biggest prize yet!

  I am looking for sponsors right now and if you are wanting to get more likes on your social network pages for your business this is the perfect thing for you ! 

I am looking to open this giveaway by November 1st and have it end November 17th 


So if you are interested in being a sponsor for this giveaway go to this linkhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rUmKoCEBmRqyJoC2_iyzZdQliuwSXMPTR8hoAiB2mZc/viewform 

I will open this giveaway once I get all the sponsors thank you for looking at my blog today I will post again soon ! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Its been a while ...

Hello everyone ! I'm happy to finally have time to work on this blog again! The past month has been very busy for me so I wasn't able to do this like I wanted but I'm back now and will be giving you all a update on whats been going on with me and my business and my newest cakes as well !

 So now it is Fall and this is my favorite time of the year ! I love all the smells and flavors of this time of year ,like cinnamon, cloves, ginger,nutmeg the list could go on and on for what I love about this time of year ! But right now I'm going to tell you some good thing to keep in your kitchen this time of the year while your baking ! 

Fall Baking Items -
Pure pumpkin or roast your own in the oven 
Cinnamon and LOTS OF IT !
Ground gloves 
All spice 
Brown sugar 
Light Brown sugar
Evaporated milk (for pies)
Pure Vanilla 
Butter(more than what you would usually have for any cookies or pie crust you have to bake )

These are some of the main ingredients that I like to have around for this time of the year ! Because I love to make pumpkin cookies,pumpkin rolls , Sugar cookies ( you can decorated these in all kinds of creepy little critters for Halloween or any other event that you have going on for the Fall) ! What are some sweat treats that you like to have for Fall ? Leave a comment below !

I told you all that I have been busy lately and that's because I have had a lot of orders (which that is a awesome thing for me ) ! So I would like to share some pictures of the cakes that I have made over the past month and the sweet treats that I made for Halloween and the Fall !

Sugar Cookies, Fall Cupcake Designs

Fall Cupcake Designs

Halloween Cookie Designs

Halloween Cake Pop Design

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Cream cheese filling

Vanilla and Lemon cake with buttercream frosting

Smash Cake (Vanilla cake with buttercream frosting)

Babyshower Cake (One tier red velvet with buttercream and one strawberry shortcake)

Star wars Millennium Falcon cake

There are many more cakes  that I have done over the last month but I don't want to fill this hole page with just pictures but you can always see my pictures on my website,Facebook and Instagram under Jackie's Specialty Cakes !

 I've also been working on some local events as well ! I was at a event called the Taste of Holiday that showcases different local business owners and all the proceeds support employment  programs that benefit  individuals with disabilities. I was very happy to be apart of such a great event and the great cause that it supported ! 

So that sums up my last month ! Its was a great month and I am happy to say that this month has been the same way! I am so happy to be able to share my work with you all ! I hope you continue to follow me on this journey! I have also gotten my website revamped as well so please be sure to come and check that out !